AC Conditioners

AC-8 AC Conditioner

AC-8 AC Conditioner

Six or eight outlets of pure, clean power with unlimited current delivery capabilities that nourish your system with power and finese! It also prevents ground noise from recirculating back into the circuit!

These AC Power conditioners will not limit the current that’s required by your beefy amps, while at the same time, filtering and isolating all the outlets.

We at AnnaLyric Systems love hearing music as it was meant to be heard. That means a low noise floor is very important to enjoying the musical experience.
As a result we hear all the nuances of the recording like:

  • Frequency Extension
  • Accurate Timber
  • Micro & Macro Dynamics
  • Soundstage Delineation
  • Super Fast Transients

These are just a few of the parameters built into the AC-6 and AC-8 conditioners.

How Do They Work?
The AC-6 & AC-8 Conditioners use sophisticated noise absorbing and reflecting technologies that deliver clean AC to your components.
In addition they filter and isolate each receptacle to eliminate any cross contamination.
They also supply ALL the clean available current demanded by your gear.

What do we have?
AC-6 (6 receptacles)
AC-8 (8 receptacles)
Available in 15  amp versions only

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