Audio Cables

Our cables are designed to deliver low noise and musical performance that help get the most out of high performance systems, they use carefully chosen high quality parts and processes.  They are a coherent, low noise, and wide bandwidth design that delivers an ultra-open and natural performance. Our design choices enhance the tactile qualities of a system within a totally transparent, fast and powerful sound field!


Build Features

Insulation – Features our multi-layer insulation system for excellent electrical and mechanical properties. This low loss system offers linear performance at all frequencies, with excellent coherence, clarity, and transient agility.

Conductor – specially formulated alloy conductors are used for maximum conductivity and frequency linearity.  A noise canceling twist of the conductors is used for reduced cross talk and increased immunity from external interference.

Connectors – High performance, specially treated connectors are used for maximum signal transfer, EMI/RFI shielding, and corrosion resistance.

Shielding – Low impedance tightly braided shields are used to protect the conductors from external and internal noise for an ultra-wide bandwidth performance and improved detail retrieval.



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