IC-1 RCA Interconnects

IC-1 RCA Interconnects

Annalyric Systems IC-1 Interconnects Cable



The IC-1 interconnects is a low capacitance design that use carefully chosen high quality parts.  It is a coherent, low noise, and wide bandwidth design that delivers an ultra-open and natural performance.


  • Insulation – Features our multi-layer, air impregnated insulation system for excellent electrical and mechanical properties. This low loss system offers linear performance at all frequencies, with excellent coherence, clarity, and transient agility.
  • Conductor – specially formulated 18ga stranded copper alloy conductors are used for maximum conductivity and frequency linearity.  A noise canceling twist of the conductors is used for reduced cross talk and increased immunity from external interference.
  • Connectors – High performance, specially treated connectors are used for maximum signal transfer, EMI/RFI shielding, and corrosion resistance.
  • Shielding – Low impedance dual shields are used to protect the conductors from external and internal noise for an ultra-wide bandwidth performance and improved detail retrieval.

All our interconnects are available with RCA or XLR terminations in standard metric lengths.

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