Speaker Cables

SC - 01 Speaker Cables

SC – 01 Speaker Cables

SC-1 Speaker Cables


 Our SC-1 speaker cables are designed for ultra revealing and musical performance that deliver a truly stunning listening experience! With their fast risetimes, wide-bandwidth and, powerful performance they render your music with a 3-D clarity and naturalness that belies their price. Images are delivered with a “you can reach out and touch them” tactile sensation that convinces your brain that the musicians are right there in the room with you!


 Build Features

  • Insulation – Multiple layers of high performance hybrid insulators deliver a tremendous amount of complex information to your speakers. Our insulation does a lot more than just preventing the internal conductors from shorting together; it actually assists in the efficient transmission of information to the speakers as well dampening vibrations. These reduce smearing and result in a clean and clear sound that maximizes the performance of any system.
  • Conductors – High capacity conductors are sized to deliver all the power demanded by your speakers with room to spare. There is absolutely no current limiting that will truncate or flatten the musical peaks on your favorite recordings!


Available with spades or banana terminations in standard metric lengths.

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