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DPC-2 Digital Power Cord

DPC-2 Digital Power Cord


PC-1, PC-2 & DPC-2 AC Power Cables

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 Our PC-1, PC-2 and its digital counterpart, the DPC-02 AC power cables are designed for the discerning Audiophile on a budget but without sacrificing performance. With their extremely low noise floor they render your music with a 3-D clarity and naturalness that belies their price. Images are delivered with a “you can reach out and touch them” tactile sensation that convinces your brain that the musicians are right there in the room with you!

Available with 15 and 20 amp (not the DPC-2) configurations in standard metric lengths.


 Build Features

  • Insulation – Our insulation does a lot more than just preventing the internal conductors from shorting together; it actually assists in the efficiency and safety in the transmission of power between the transmitter and the receiver. This reduces smearing and results in a clean and clear sound that maximizes the performance of any system.
  • Conductors – Our conductors are sized to deliver all the power demanded by your components with room to spare. So you don’t have to worry about your 300Ib monoblocs starving of power when you feel like “opening them up”!
  • Shielding – EMI/RFI are both sneaky and can come along for the ride uninvited if you let them. The best way to banish these nasties and prevent them from entering and permeating your system is to use efficient, wide bandwidth shields like those used in the PC-1 and DPC-2 power cables.


Power cords are available with 15 amp or 20 amp terminations in standard metric lengths.

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