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The New Pathway Digital and Silver Analog Power Cords reviewed by Mike Wright of Stereotimes!

The Pathway Digital and Silver analog power cords are a new generation power cords designed to deliver world – class performance at affordable prices. The Pathway Digital power cord is designed for digital and low current analog sources while the Silver power cord is designed for both low and high current analog gear. Both power cords are available with a 14-day trial period.

Reviewer, Mike Wright of Stereotimes, used both power cords throughout his very revealing SOTA system, coming away mightily impressed with their performance in his system. See full review here:–by-mike-wright/

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AnnaLyric Systems PC-1 Gets Strong Recommendation in TAS!

PC-1 Power Cord

Neil Gader of The Absolute Sound declares the AnnaLyric Systems PC-1 power cord “a personal fave” in affordable power cords in the April 2015 issue #252! Neil thought the PC-1 comes pretty close to the performance of his reference cords, making the AnnaLyric Systems PC-1 a great value!!!

Neil had this to say about the PC-1 “Overall the AnnaLyric [Systems PC-1] is a no-brainer bargain and joins the Shunyata Venom HC as a personal fave. It’s a strong effort that I would place high on my list of worthy upgrades.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

See here for full review.

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AnnaLyric Systems DPC-2 Unleashed – in PFO

DPC-2 Digital Power Cord
DPC-2 Digital Power Cord

The Neoteric Listener, Dean Seislove of Positive-Feedback Online puts the new AnnaLyric Systems DPC-2 digital power cord thru its paces in the November/December 2014, issue 76.  The DPC-2 delivered on its design promise by enhancing Dean’s listening experience, see full review here, musical details emerged from “their hiding places”, instruments and voices took on a textural immediacy facilitated by the ultra-low noise floor! The AnnaLyric Systems DPC-2 is available with a 14-day in-home trial, so you can experience its magical performance in your own system.