AnnaLyric Systems PC-1 Gets Strong Recommendation in TAS!

PC-1 Power Cord

Neil Gader of The Absolute Sound declares the AnnaLyric Systems PC-1 power cord “a personal fave” in affordable power cords in the April 2015 issue #252! Neil thought the PC-1 comes pretty close to the performance of his reference cords, making the AnnaLyric Systems PC-1 a great value!!!

Neil had this to say about the PC-1 “Overall the AnnaLyric [Systems PC-1] is a no-brainer bargain and joins the Shunyata Venom HC as a personal fave. It’s a strong effort that I would place high on my list of worthy upgrades.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

See here for full review.

AnnaLyric Systems Stylin’ with Questyle at CanJam 2015

CanJam 2015 Headphone Show

CanJam 2015 Headphone Show

Our first go around at CanJam was quite an experience, great partners in Questyle and Enigma, friendly attendees and, of course, great sound. Headphones and ancillaries have sure come a long way! Annalyric Systems featured our new set of headphone cables, USB cables, interconnects, speaker cables and, AC – 6 AC conditioner. Superb experience, thanks Bruce Ball!!!